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Everybody is necessarily aware of the name, “Sher-E-Punjab” as it is one of the best restaurants Kolkata has. This was definitely the reason that urged me in trying their dishes all the time. It is always surprising how this restaurant over the range of at least more than 20 years of time never has failed to deliver a great quality of product even once.

The price range that Sher-E-Punjab offers to their customer can not only be defined as affordable but cheap compared to the other eatery joints nowadays. The quality and the quantity of food offered are though extremely exceptional by every means possible.

When I and my family decided to give it another try last week we found ourselves a great place to seat considering the huge size of my family. The staff, is extremely well behaved and courtesy is thoroughly maintained by them throughout your entire course of meal. Again, the serve ware is taken care of and is made sure that the basic “dhaba” idea of unclean serve ware is not associated with them.

Coming to the food, my large family decided to order a lot many stuffs and finally we ended up ordering around 12 different items and surprisingly none were declared to be “Not Available”. Nowadays every restaurant has a trend to keep few of the items in the list of “Not available” but Sher-E-Punjab, I believe knows that it will sell out all of its products.

When the food arrived it wasn’t only hot and fresh but extremely appealing visually and we had one hearty meal for ourselves. Sher-E-Punjab, true to its name is the tiger in the field of food outlets, not only in Punjab, but for me in entire of India.

- Customer

When I first stepped inside Sher Punjab it was not yet a hotel. It was mainly famous as a highway restaurant, serving mouth watering food. We were hungry and wanted to have breakfast here before we continued our journey on Jessore Road. I was under the impression that it would be just another road side dhaba. But when I took the first bite of my “Aloo ke Parathe” and then a sip of Lassi, it was at a different world. You get a feel of Punjab at Sher-E-Punjab. Their location is an advantage for travelers like us. The refreshments and food they serve is delicious. We liked it so much we stopped for lunch on our way to destination. One must try the Kebabs they offer. They maintain the authenticity of food. This is the reason we liked having food here. Recently they came up with well appointed 14 rooms. We always return back to Sher-E-Punjab even if we are not going anywhere. It not only gives us the opportunity to go for a long drive but also provides chance to churn our taste buds. Talking about the food, it should be mentioned that the food is highly reasonable. They have both AC and Non-AC restaurants serving food at different price. So eat out in the restaurant that suits your pocket. They serve every traveler. We recently tried our accommodation here just for a night on way to a long distance tour. The rooms are no wonder good and give a feel of home. We will return again and will ask others to visit Sher-E-Punjab and try the food.

- Customer


Jessore Road, Sukantanagar, Kolkata-700133

+91 90888 60001/2/3/4

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